Italy, Pizza and Myth-busting

Pizza was developed by the Italians, according to one of the most prevalent and ridiculous pizza myths. This is arguably one of the most enduring of all myths, because the Italians do not tell their own tale well. They'll tell you it was developed in Milanese pizza ovens or by a New York pizza delivery guy. Regardless of which side you trust, there is no evidence to back up their allegations.

To begin with, the pizza was not created in Italy. While Italians are known for their love of pizza, the real creator of the dish was a Greek who lived around 1500 years ago. His pizza recipe is similar to that of the ancient Greeks, but he made it with bread dough instead of flour straightaway and cooked it in an oven. Pizza may be created with simply tomato sauce, olive oil, mozzarella, and whatever other ingredients are on hand, no matter how you slice it.

Second, even if the pizza was invented in a "pizza oven," it was not made on a "pizza stone." Both have been utilized to give the impression that they are the same, but they are not. Many pizza businesses utilize a "pizza stone," which is a heatproof and indestructible stone surface for what they like to call the best pizza Leopold. It's the ideal surface for baking pizza, and it produces absolutely delicious results. However, a pizza stone may be used for a variety of other purposes too.

The third misconception is that frozen pizza is superior to conventional pizza. While frozen pizza has certain benefits over conventional pizza (such as being reduced in calories), it is still pizza! There is nothing about frozen pizza that makes it superior to conventional pizza, yet the truth is that frozen pizza may be pretty good on its own. In fact, frozen pizza is probably superior to traditional pizza in a number of respects.

Fourth, there's the urban legend that frozen pizza is unhealthy. This is just not the case, and sadly it's not widely known even if we wish it were. Some foods are more harmful than others, just like any other food product. Frozen pizza is much like any other frozen food on the market. When consumed in the right proportions, frozen pizza may be just as nutritious as traditional pizza. In fact, when consumed in moderation, frozen pizza is probably just as nutritious as traditional pizza.

Finally, there's the urban legend that a pizza slice can't have enough toppings. This simply isn't the case. The reality is that there will always be a few distinctive toppings on a pizza slice, toppings that make a pizza "tasty" and distinct from others. Consider how many toppings are on most pizza pizzas nowadays, and you'll see that this isn't the case. Whatever style of pizza you choose, there will always be at least a couple of toppings (typically five to six) that will provide your taste buds with a distinct flavour. As a result, this notion is totally untrue!

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